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Xenia 27/11/2019

Diary dates



Date of worming course 1 17/12/19

Date of worming course 2 01/01/20

Dates of visits from 08/01/20

Temperament testing and allocation date. 08/01/20

Date of worming course 17/1/20

Date of vet check and first vaccination

Dates of collections  22/01/20



Shopping List

For your puppy you will need the following-

  •  Travel crate/box to travel home  (Amazon basics  23")
  • Food/water bowls for the house ceramic or stone are ideal
  •  Crate for your puppy to sleep in
  • bolt on water bowl for your crate
  • Snugglesafe puppy with heat  pad insert
  • Adaptil spray
  • Vet bed for crate 
  • Lead
  • Harness
  • Name tag
  • Poo bags
  • Puppy food
  • Treats
  • Interactive toys
  • Fetch type toys
  • Chewing toys
  • first aid kit
  • ear cleaner
  • nail clippers
  • Dicky tummy solution
  • Antiseptic spray
  • cuddly blankets
  • Training mat ( small square of vet bed is fine)
  • socialisation CD
  • shampoo
  • 210.5 or 211.5 acme whistle



Owners chart



Gender requested

Visit date Collection date KC Name requested owners update form completed  Puppy pack items ordered

Jeremy Smart 

Gunfield Trail Blazer


Bitch18/01/20@10am22/01/20 @ 10amFull puppy Pack

John Adams

Gunfield Jacks Lucy


BitchN/A22/01/20. @ 10.45 am 

Alex  Pavanello

Gunfield Hektor


DogN/A22/01/20@ 1.45pm 

Chris Culpin

Gunfield Stiverton Brother



10/01/20 @ 12pm22/01/20 @ 12pm 
Victoria Christodoulides

Gunfield look up to the stars

BitchN/A22/01/20@ 8.45am  

Carol Williamson

Gunfield Tia



08/01/20 @ 10.30am22/1/20  @ 11.30am 

Nicola Webster 

Gunfield Silent and sure

Dog10/01/20 @1pm22/01/20 @ 1pm 

Joy Barden

Gunfield Gold Top



 -22/01/20 @ 9.30am Full puppy pack