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Gunfield Terms of Sale

There are two copies of this agreement one has been retained by the breeder the other given to you the purchaser for future reference

. For the purpose of this agreement the wording Dog may refer to a Dog or Bitch.

The term seller refers to the breeders namely KA & A Olsson and the term purchaser refers to yourselves.


Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Gender:     Dog     Bitch     Date of Birth_________________________ KC number: ________________________

KC Name: ____________________________________________ Microchip number    


Intended use:  Pet [ ]   Show [ ]   Working Gundog [ ]   Obedience  [ ]   Agility   [ ]   Breeding  [ ]

Breeder/ Seller- name & address:

Mr A  & Mrs K A Olsson

15 Pasture Lane                                

Sutton Bonington


LE12 5PQ


Warranty- The seller warrants that this dog is sold as a purebred Hungarian Vizsla and registration papers with the UK Kennel club will be furnished at no cost to the purchaser and to the best of their knowledge at the time of sale the dog is in good health, free of parasites and of sound temperament, unless previously discussed with the purchaser and detailed below.


Vet Check- The purchaser is advised to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of his/her choice at his/her expense within fourteen days of collection, If at this point a significant health problem is diagnosed it should be documented by your veterinary surgeon on receipt of this plus the live puppy and registration papers the purchase price will be refunded in full or a suitable replacement puppy given where available and mutually agreeable, The seller will not be responsible for any costs or distress incurred.

Desired use- The seller agrees that in the case of dogs sold for prospective show or breeding homes that at the time of sale the dog was free from any visible defect likely to be detrimental to this, however as no one can predict exactly how any given dog will mature the seller cannot guarantee that the dog will mature as suitable for the desired use and will not offer any form of refund or replacement should the dog mature to be unsuitable.

Only dogs sold for show/ potential breeding will be considered for future breeding those sold as pets only are not eligible

Castration and spaying- Due to the documented negative affect of the Vizslas temperament and ability to mature structurally the purchaser must agree not to spay or neuter their dog prior to them obtaining 12 months of age unless deemed necessary by a veterinary surgeon for health reasons excluding potential behavioural modification

Breed Health – The Hungarian Vizsla is a generally healthy breed however as with any breed of dog there are some health conditions that have been observed to be more common in the breed.

The current recommendations from the UK Kennel Club is that Breeding stock should be hip scored prior to breeding.

In addition to this requirement we also voluntarily test our breeding stock for Cerebellar Ataxia, HUU and the Longhaired gene and have our breeding stock checked for audible heart rhythm abnormalities.

Some of our breeding stock are also tested for Eyes conditions, Thyroid, Elbow dysplasia copies of certification for tests done on your puppy’s parents are supplied in your puppy pack.

Conditions we cannot test for are things such as Epilepsy, VIP, MMM, IBD, IMHA, IMT and other autoimmune conditions, We do not breed from dogs that are physically affected with any of these conditions and we keep inbreeding co efficient low to minimise risk but we can never guarantee that a pairing will not produce an affected offspring.

By purchasing a Vizsla you accept that there is a risk your dog could be affected by a health condition at some point in their life.
The breeder will not be responsible for any financial loss or distress incurred by the owner due to the ill health of the dog.
You are strongly advised to avail yourselves of appropriate insurance to cover unexpected veterinary costs through accident or illness.


Breeding-This Dog is sold with a progeny not for registration endorsement R placed on his or her kennel club registration more information on endorsements can be viewed here

We do not routinely lift endorsements on dogs or bitches which were purchased as pets.

In order to have the endorsement lifted your Vizsla will need to conform to the breed standard as laid out by the UK kennel club and show a suitable temperament for the breed you may also be required to have proven his/her abilities either in the show ring, shooting field, obedience, agility or similar.

In the case of male dogs

  • The dog must have obtained his UKKC Stud book number in the show ring or the field or similar accolade.
  • The dog must be DNA tested for cerebellar ataxia unless genetically clear by parentage
  • The dog must be hip scored before 18 months of age and achieve a hip score around the current breed average
  • Your dog must be elbow scored against E/D between the ages of 12 and 18 months and achieve a score of 0
  • The dog must be aged 18 months or above at the first breeding.
  • You agree the dog will sire no more than 10 litters in any 12-month period

In the case of female dogs

  • The Bitch must be hip scored before two years of age and achieve a hip score around the current breed average
  • The Bitch must be DNA tested for cerebellar ataxia unless genetically clear by parentage
  • The Purchaser agrees they will use a sire approved by the Gunfield Kennel before a mating takes place.
  • The Purchaser must ensure the Bitch is two years or above before whelping her first litter.
  • The Purchaser must agree to breed no more than four litters from a bitch in her lifetime.
  • The Purchaser must allow a 12-month period to lapse between litters.
  • The purchaser further agrees to place progeny not for registration endorsements on the registration of all puppies in any litter born which should only be removed by the purchaser in compliance to a similar agreement.

The seller reserves the right to decline to lift the breeding endorsement if he/she feels it is not in the best interest of the dog or bitch or they have concerns regarding the owners suitability to breed from their dog.

In cases where it is approved for the endorsement to be lifted we do not charge a fee.

Export- This dog has an export endorsement placed upon his or her pedigree more information on endorsements can be viewed here
Endorsements will only be removed by agreement of the seller for owner’s emigrating with their dog and wishing to register the dog overseas, Endorsements do not affect your ability to holiday or complete abroad with your pet.

Rehoming - The purchaser agrees not to sell, gift or loan the dog to any third party, if it becomes necessary to find a new home for the dog, the purchaser should first contact the seller to make arrangements. The seller will have first option, to take the dog back for rehoming, the seller will not refund the purchase price for dogs returned for rehoming.

Purchaser’s statement-

I /we the purchaser (s) agree we have read and understood the all the terms and conditions described above and are purchasing the above-named Hungarian Vizsla on the understanding that we abide by all of them without exception.

Purchasers Name (s):_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


____________________________________________________________Post code_______________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________E-mail _____________________________________________________________


Purchaser signed: ____________________________________________________________Date___________________________


Seller signed: _______________________________________________________________Date___________________________